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Our History

Guillermo Herrera, our founder and President, worked in the Napa Valley fields as a small child. He fondly remembers his ‘daycare’ was working alongside his mother carrying bins filled with grapes.

Over a period of 30 years, he’s had the privilege of working with some of the best vineyard management companies in the Valley, alongside leading personalities in the wine industry. During his career, he has been personally responsible for over 2,000 acres of prime wine country vineyard and developed over 1,000 acres. By working in the industry his entire life, Guillermo has acquired a perspective that many rarely obtain. His ability to engage and interact with his team as a worker places him at an advantage. Guillermo always says “to be the leader of your pack you need to be able to do the work yourself. Only then can you be a good teacher and only then will you have a good team.”


In 2007, Guillermo founded Heritage Vineyard Management, Inc., and over the past 14 years, the company has grown to become one of Northern California’s most preeminent viticultural management companies.


In 2018, the Company began to leverage its economies of scale as a bargaining chip to maximize market positioning and negotiate purchasing and sale opportunities on behalf of its clients, thus expanding its vineyard development and management services with the commercialization of the grapes harvested. Today, Heritage Vineyard Management provides a full range of services to over 30 vineyards in Northern California.

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We'll be working at your field before the sun comes out. 


Meet The Team

Guillermo Herrera - Circle.png

Founder & CEO

Gaby Baeza - 4.png

Administration Manager

Jose de Jesus Medina - Circle.png

General Supervisor, Napa, Sonoma & Solano Counties

Mario Medina.jpeg

General Supervisor, Lake & Mendocino Counties

Isaiah Herrera - Circle.png

Pest Control Manager

Manuel Monroy - Circle copy.png

VP, Strategy & Business Development



A toast to the harvests ahead.

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